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Mary Landberg, Hospice RN, MPH, CHPN, is a celebrated author, entertaining motivational speaker, dynamic storyteller, inspirational end of life educator, and nationally award winning hospice photographer.

Inspired by her work with hospice patients and families, Mary offers her audiences vital lessons from extraordinary circumstances. Mary shares entertaining tales of humanness, poignant wisdom from the dying, and life-altering stories to empower her audiences to take immediate positive action to achieve a greater sense of purpose and enthusiasm for life.

Mary inspires and educates by sharing the insightful stories and poignant photographs from her new book: Enduring Love: Inspiring Stores of Love and Wisdom at the End of Life.

Below you will find links to Mary’s bio, publication information, press release, speaking brochure, photographs, videos, and publications.

Mary Landberg Bio

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Publication Information

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Press Release

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Speaking Brochure

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Enduring Love – High Rez PDF

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Jefferson Public Radio/NPR News and Music of Southern Oregon


Mail Tribune
National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
Advance for Nurses Magazine
NHPCO National Creative Arts Contest First Place

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An Introduction to A Portrait of Dying

Laughter is Medicine, an excerpt from “A Portrait of Dying” for Unity

A Tale of Temporary Insanity

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