Enduring Love speaks the great truth. Only love gives every life meaning, is immortal, and provides the bridge between the land of the living and the dead. Landberg’s hospice portraits and stories bridge the gap. Hospices which enable love transform the dying process and enrich lives. My father died laughing because of the love he felt from his wife and family. A beautiful life affirming book.”

Bernie Siegel, MD, best selling author of Love, Medicine & Miracles

Enduring Love by Mary Landberg is a heartfelt composition of words and pictures that shows us the gentle, sacred side of dying. In society today dying and death is viewed as a negative, a feared encounter we close our eyes to until life forces its experience upon us. Mary’s photographs show us beauty and her words show us the natural, normal, unfolding process of life at its ending. Through sharing her stories  and her personal thoughts she not only guides us but she helps ease the fears we bring to our final act of living.”

Barbara Karnes, RN, award winning end of life educator and author of Gone From my Sight: The Dying Experience

“Enduring Love, Inspiring Stories of Love and Wisdom at the End-of-Life is a compelling glimpse into the world of the dying, their families, and the professional caregiver. Mary Landberg artistically combines poignant photography with captivating stories and in doing so, honors the wisdom of those who have traveled the path of serious illness. As a professional caregiver I found this book validating, as a family member I found it enlightening, and as a pilgrim in an impermanent life I found it inspiring.”

Jennifer Gentry ANP, BC, GNP, ACHPN, FPCN
2014 President, Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association Board of Directors and Nurse Practitioner, Duke Palliative Care

“This is a beautiful book! The photographs of hands touching and caring and sending forth love in the final moments of life are remarkable. The simple words facing the photographs repeatedly brought tears to my eyes. We should all read this book and share it with anyone and everyone. We all will die as well as experience the death of those we love. There is great wisdom in these pages. I had the great pleasure of listening to Mary tell one of her many stories and knew I needed this book which I bought from her. Reading it I saw the hands of people I have known. Thank you Mary for the gift you are.”

Constance Comstock, Talent, Oregon

“Just got my copy and read it start to finish. Mary has done a great job capturing the multiple end of life issues, concerns, joys, and challenges. It is a BEAUTIFUL book! I appreciate her honest advice and perspective, lots of gems to ponder on! I am going to buy a box full and give to families that might need it. I too am a hospice nurse and found so many familiar themes and stories from her book.”

K. Neufeld, RN BSN Tacoma, Washington
“I received Enduring Love in the mail today! I couldn’t keep it together after the first few stories. I must’ve gone through a whole box of Kleenex and I’m only about halfway through the book. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pictures and these inspiring stories. My grandfather (who raised me since childhood) passed away suddenly in February, and I never knew how much I could loved him until he was taken away from me. Your book has stirred up a lot of emotions that I’ve been suppressing and I feel that it has finally sparked a healing process for me. This book is now one of my most cherished possessions.”
Agnes Tan, Pasadena, California
“I too am a hospice nurse. Your pictures and stories are such an inspiration to me, especially on those challenging days when nothing seems to go right. I have to say thank you. Your photos are amazing and they at times remind me this is why God put me on earth. To provide these people and their families with the best care they could possibly receive in their final days.”
Gracelyn, Ardmore, Oklahoma

“I read half this book in one sitting and wept; not from sadness but from the sweetness of the stories, the revealing photographs and the deep love communicated on each and every page. This book is not only photographs and stories from loved ones and from the author, Mary shares her intimate knowledge of the profound art of dying. With so much fear around death in this country here is a book with the power to heal. Bravo Mary!”

Mira Sophia, Ashland, Oregon

“This book is magnificent. Honest, soulful, impactful. I have to admit, I barely made it through half a page before tears were steaming down my face. The writing and images are exquisite. A perfect gift. A beautiful reminder of life’s dance partner, death. Something we’ve made taboo to speak about when it is as natural as rain. I can’t think of anyone I wouldn’t recommend this to.”


“Life. Love. Death. Grief. Joy. Mary Landberg’s gorgeous book “Enduring Love” captures the most pivotal moments that shape our time on this Earth. Poignant and moving, her photographs and stories of hospice patients and their families and friends evoke tears and laughter. Mary’s book is a wonderful reminder that dying is another aspect of living.”

Karen Carnival, Ashland, Oregon

“Mary, thank you from all of humanity for your willingness to enter into and reside in the precious present moment with other humans on this grand journey of life, sacred and profane. You demonstrate the greatest qualities that we Humans are all capable of!”

Caterina Moore, Florence, Italy

“Thanks for sharing your gifts, humorous observations and experiences on such a taboo topic.  You make the subject of death seem so much more “natural” with your down-to-earth presence.”

Sherry Nurre, RN, Nurse Next Door

Enduring Love is a beautiful and peaceful book that changed my thought patterns on how to live my life! The photographs and stories are equally stirring. I have recommended this book as a ‘must read’ to all of my friends. Buy this book and start living a fuller life today!”

Barbara Kemp, Fortuna, California

“The beautiful black and white photographs in this book, taken by Mary Landberg, are magical. Many were taken in the last moments of life, capturing the spirit and soul of not only the person who is dying, but their loved ones as well. Mary’s compassion and vision make it a “must have” for everyone. I would also think every hospital and caregiving facility would want to have it. Mary’s words are uplifting and not at all maudlin. As a hospice nurse, she experiences life and love to the fullest. This book will give you goosebumps! It’s on my coffee table and I treasure it.”

Barbara Tricarico, Ashland, Oregon

“Mary Landberg has captured the most tender moments between loved ones at the end of life through her thoughtful observations and her beautiful photography. The lessons that the dying can give to the living are simple and few, yet they will change the way you live your life. This is a book that should be kept close at hand, to be read often… to remind us how to live more fully and to love one another NOW! I definitely recommend this book.”

Julia Rezek, Ashland, Oregon

“My heart spilled with tears of joy reading the beautiful love stories in your book Mary. True enduring love is possible despite the odds of disease! I am ordering more copies for my family because even though they are not in the book, they will recognize their own beauty in the photographs and hands of others.”

Henry Yang, Medford, Oregon
“This book is a must read for anyone who is still alive, because it will remind you to live fully while you are. Not only is Mary an amazing writer & photographer, capturing these precious and so important stories, she is a natural and engaging speaker. Please share this with anyone and everyone you know.”
Debra Thornton, Ashland, Oregon
“Mary is an artist painting human lives portraits. I am continually impressed with her poignant and revealing heart.”
Carole Graham, Poway, California
“Enduring love moved me to live and love life to the fullest. The stories and photos will make you laugh and cry. A wonderful book to share with friends. This book is profound and powerful. Very glad I made this purchase!”
Kaitlyn Kemp, Malibu, California

“Mary Landberg has collected a poignant set of photos and stories. I liked how the material brings you face to face with the dying experience in a gentle, poetic way. I found it easy to connect with people’s stories. I’d recommend this book to anybody, particularly people going through the dying experience (or anticipating doing so) with a loved one. It may even give them ideas about how to record those last times.”

Grant Ruiz, Ashland, Oregon

“While the topic is a difficult one, the book itself is surprisingly uplifting. The patients’ voices are at times funny and wise as they share stories of their adventures, romance or simple advice.”

Angela Decker, Ashland, Oregon

“Your book is a thing of beauty. Absolute beauty. Thank you so much for creating it and catching those moments. I read it and immediately called my girlfriend, and ran it up to her. I didn’t want her to have to wait a single minute to have your book in her life. You must get this book out into the largest world possible. I believe it is both profound and commercial, if that twosome is possible. And I think it is. And it’s honorable because getting this into lots of hands, all aging whether they can admit it or not, is a completely good thing. Compassion plus wisdom between covers.”

 Liz Robinson, Phoenix, Oregon

“Every college that offers nursing courses should have you to speak. Your presentation is meaningful, intelligent and inspiring.”

Barbara Peters, Talent, Oregon

“Mary, I first became aware of your beautiful work shortly after my beloved grandmother died. Your words and images really resonated with my own experience of loving and caring for someone at the end of a well-lived life. I hope that these stories and pictures reach people who don’t know about hospice, or who may misunderstand or be afraid. “

Debbie, San Jose, California

“Your work, with images of hands, symbolizes for me, the spirit of hospice. When there is no longer a cure, when there is nothing left for medicine to do but bring comfort, it is these hands which deliver it, in so many varied ways. So often the hands of our patients, reaching for us, squeezing our hands, patting our faces, are the only means they have to communicate with us. Hands become magnified in significance at the end of life, as we come to understand that all we really have in this life that matters, is each other.”

Chris, RN, Missouri

“Your photo gives me joy in remembering those last days with my dad, days that I will cherish forever.”

Fran, Medford, Oregon

“As a hospice professional these stories and pictures are motivation and inspiration for me and my clinical staff. They capture the essence of Hospice and underscore the need to educate, advocate and bring hospice care to more who are making the transition from life.”

Donna, Hamden, Connecticut

“Love it! Mary your work is so touching and expresses exactly why we do what we do and the priceless gifts our patients bring to our soul.”

Tammi Killington, RN, Medford, Oregon

“Mary, you’ve done it again. Found the lesson in the story that helps all of us appreciate life even more.”

Liz, St. Louis MS

“I see your photos and I am brought to tears of joy and occasionally tears of pain. I feel as though your photos have given me a second chance at ‘living life while I am alive.’ Thank you.”

Barbara, Fortuna, California

“As a hospice worker myself, for more than 30 years, I truly appreciate your very poignant and beautifully taken photos, and captions. Like you, I have always found it to be a sacred joy to offer support, comfort, and my presence when death appears imminent. I find such comfort and closure in your beautifully taken Hospice Portraits Mary.”

Chris, Rockville, MD

“Thank god for people like you who can hold space for what Some of us have a hard time with.”

Margareta, Applegate Valley, Oregon

“Thank you for your good work, Mary. You are a shining example of what nursing is meant to be.”

Tammy, Houston, Texas

“These are such precious moments that feel so intimate that I almost feel I should ask permission first from the subjects before I view them. Truly beautiful, compelling and authentic. Thank you Mary!”

Gaelyn, Bali, Indonesia

“Mary, I love your pictures and stories. Many of them brought tears and laughter at the same time. Thank you so much for that. Thank you so much for what you do. It is very healing.”

Dale, Lorton, Virginia

“Thank you for the pictures, they are very touching and inspiring. I was once a caregiver to a terminally ill mother that had Cancer and fought it for four long years. Your page is therapy to me. God bless you for what you do. It takes a very special person to do what you do everyday. Thank you.”

Kaye, Arlington, Texas

“Eloquently written, Mary. You are truly special, and a gift to all you touch.”

Barbara, Ashland, Oregon

“I am a cancer survivor and this is just beautiful!”

Sharon, Oxford, Alabama

“Love it! Mary your work is so touching, expresses exactly why we do what we do and the priceless gifts our patients bring to our soul.”

Tammi, Kalamath Falls, Oregon

“Fantastic and emotionally moving work Mary! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful….”

Gary, Gold Hill, Oregon
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