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Enduring Love The Book

Enduring Love is a collection of over one hundred portraits of hospice patients with family and friends embracing love and life. Someone in all of the portraits has since died. Many photographs were taken on the last day of life, often moments before the last breath. These portraits have frozen time to preserve a visual memory of love and connection indefinitely.

Enduring Love also offers glimpses into hospice care, the truth of what the process of death and dying looks like, and thought provoking realities of how people live and love with dementia. Included are grand love stories, inspiring conversations with the dying, their advice for living, and the wisdom their illnesses have gifted them.

Enduring Love is an invitation to live and love fully while we are alive!


Quiet Desperation


Fear Means Go

Fear can keep truth in. Fear of judgment and rejection can keep our hands in our pockets instead of raised high to bring attention to what we know to be true. Our pounding hearts want to burst our news to the world, but somehow fear can keep truth and authenticity contained in our chest. Fear Means Go is my effort to pull both hands out of my pockets and share my experiences and awakenings with the world. This book gives you permission to do the same.

First Edition Sold Out

Second Edition will be available soon

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